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Moths along with their eggs and larvae are tiny to the point that they can easily be missed, especially if you own carpets that contain a large amount of wool within its fabrics. Once inside your home, some types of moths – like Clothes Moths or Carpet Moths can seriously harm natural fibres (e.g. wool, silk or cotton) in rugs, garments, fabrics, fur and even leather items. Moth caterpillars harm those materials by eating the protein (keratin) found in natural materials. This can possibly put your delicate items at risk, especially if they are put away in drawers, wardrobes or under the bed for extensive periods of time.

In contrast to other pests, moths do not pose a threat to health risks. However, most moths are considered as pest due to the unsightly damage their larvae cause to clothes, fabrics, furs and stored items. A moth infestation causes potential harm to stored goods and big financial misfortunes when moths lay eggs and the larvaes feed on the goods, particularly the expensive ones. If a moth infestation becomes worse, you and your family risk getting your personal clothings and stored dried foods ruined. When dealing with moth infestations, it requires more intensive pest control measures. Thus, control of moth before its infestation is critical .

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