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Termite control protects the value of your personal and commercial properties

Why does Sydney have so many termites, compared to the rest of Australia?  It’s mainly about the heat combining with moisture.  Termites generally like the climate to have some heat to it, and Sydney has that in spades.  Termites also tend to like moisture, as they are susceptible to dying from drought.  This means that the warmer spots in Australia are termite havens, and it’s something that property owners need to anticipate and deal with.

How do I know if termites are on my property?

Unfortunately, Sydney provides a wealth of opportunities for several species of termite.  Termites are not very easy to detect, as they rarely like to leave the moist tunnels of their nests.  This means taking a casual look around your house or garden will not guarantee your safety.  Drywood and dampwood termites are usually only visually detectable by the damage they cause, which means it’s already too late.  Other termites establish nests in the soil before moving on to your property, meaning that even after they’re eliminated in your house, they can keep coming back.

Luckily, Bug-Free Pest Control offers inspections and services that are thorough and guaranteed.   With our expertise and infrared detection technology, there will be nowhere for the termites to hide.  With a quick phone call, you can make an appointment with one of our trained, licensed and insured staff.  We offer consultations and inspections, to meet whatever your pest control needs may be.

Is your termite service available everywhere in Sydney? We cover all of the greater Sydney area, and we’re familiar with all of the species that infest the neighbourhoods and business districts.  From Canterbury-Bankstown to Penrith & Northern Beaches including the North Shore & Eastern Suburbs, we are on-call to protect your property from infestations all around this beautiful city.  Call today for a consultation, or even if you just would like to learn more about how we can help you protect the value of your home or business.

How Can You Prevent Termite Infestation?

Not just in Sydney, but across all of Australia, termites pose a very real threat to the safety and value of homes and businesses.  These silent killers can undermine the structural integrity of your personal property and balloon the budgets of renovations and new construction.  To make matters worse, termite damage is rarely if ever covered by insurance.  All the while, most Australians don’t have any clear ideas about what they can do to prevent infestations.

Step 1:  Assess Your Situation

Of course, before you can prevent termite infestations, you have to make sure you don’t already have them.  For that, it’s best to consult an expert, like the staff at BugFree Pest Control.  An inspection can give you a detailed and accurate report of your status.  If you’ve got an infestation, you’ll need to have them eradicated before you can prevent future termite problems.  If you’re clear of termites, you can move on to prevention methods right away.

Step 2: Check Your Property for Wood

It’s no secret that termites love nesting in wood.  Check your garden and surrounding for old tree stumps, misplaced logs and branches, or piles of firewood that are left exposed.  If you’re a builder or business owner, make sure that all extra lumber and wooden refuse is disposed of properly, and not left lying about.

Step 3: Treat and Seal Exposed Wood

If you have a wooden fence, shed, or other wood exposed to the elements, be sure to seal and treat it properly.  This may mean staining or painting it so as to seal the surface, or you may wish to use a chemical treatment to discourage nesting and infestation.

Step 4: Look for Leaks

Termites are often drawn to moisture, so check your property for leaking pipes, blocked drains, and any place where water gathers and sits.  Make sure that irrigation flows as it should, and that no place is unnecessarily soggy or damp.

Still not sure?

In the end, it pays to make sure your property is protected.  Bug-Free Pest Control can provide you with the following options to help you better protect your investments with termite control: Chemical Soil Treatments Physical Barriers Baits and Traps Pre and Post Construction Treatments

Contact Bug Free Termite Control today to speak with an expert.

Termite Treatment Sydney Wide

Termites are destructive pests and can cause a lot of property damage. Australia has over 300 species of this pest, and many of them feed on wood and similar organic building materials. At Bug-Free Pest Control, we offer professional and reliable termite treatment services. Our experts will come up with a customized approach to remove all these from your property.

Signs That You Need a Termite Barrier

Termites can breed and spread quickly, so you need to get treatment as early as possible to limit the damage. Keep a lookout for the signs mentioned below and call us immediately if you notice them:

  1. Mud shelter tubes are a clear sign of termites. They are often found in architraves or brick foundations. Termites build these tubes for protection and thrive in them.
  2. Sometimes the infestation isn’t visible from the outside. The wood will look solid but sound hollow when you tap it. That’s an indication that the termites have consumed all of the wood material inside.
  3. Cracked paint or plaster is also a common sign of termite infestation. If the wood under the paint or plaster has lost its physical structure, all overlying coatings will be affected.
  4. Damaged structural integrity can also affect floors and doors, causing them to sag noticeably.
  5. Termite mud packing is also a clear sign of an infestation. They are highly visible and shouldn’t be ignored.

Don’t know just how serious or damaging the infestation is? Book a free and no-obligation consultation with us. Our expert will assess your property carefully to understand the situation and provide tailored solutions for termite nest removal.

How to Treat Termites

There are several approaches to dealing with these pests. Our experts take factors like the termite species, location, house architecture, and the infestation’s severity before providing a customized solution. We also follow the local regulations and codes to ensure the termite systems are safe and don’t cause any damage to the environment. Different options include:

  • Chemical perimeter soil treatments
  • Chemical reticulation soil treatments
  • Spot treatments for large nests
  • Monitoring and baiting stations
  • Chemical barriers at vulnerable locations
  • Physical barriers like woven steel mesh, termite shields, and composite systems

If you want to know more about termite protection or need professional assistance, contact us at Bug-Free Pest Control today. You can call 1300 855 548 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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