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Wasps are regularly confused with bees and mistook for  other stinging insects. Wasps have the notoriety for structuring their nests directly in places where a bunch of people like to gather– around your deck or under the eaves of your rooftop in your terrace. These stinging insects are also well known for viciously guarding  their nests. Wasps can be categorised as solitary or social, and there are actually wasps that do not sting at all. The most ideal approach to anticipate unpleasant experiences with social wasps is to stay away from them. If you know where they are, it is best you do do not get any close to their nesting places.

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Wasps can turn out to be very defensive of their nests , particularly when their nest is disturbed due to their chemical communication. Wasps are so much more aggressive than bees. Wasps can be particularly aggressive during the last months of summer. If you can see many wasps flying around your property, there is most likely a nest somewhere – within the distance of 50 to 200 metres. You are strongly advised not to deal with the wasp infestation by attempting to remove the wast  nest on your own as that can agitate the wasps.

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