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Pest Control SydneyTermites: How To Find Out If They Really Are Within Your Premise

Generally there are numerous varying approaches to determine whether you have termites or not. The following are some of the signs that can all point to termites:  

  • Visual Sighting

Termites appear to be a little bit similar to ants–but with wings, and occasionally one could get mistaken for the other. The ideal way to determine the distinction is by examining the wings’ length. Termites come with 2 sets of wings, which has the same length Ants possess much longer front wings and smaller back wings. Adult termites have a blackish-brown or dark brown colour and  in length, they are around 3/8 of an inch 

Termites are in most cases not noticed except if they swarm. When this occurs, they will surface in the hundreds from the colony, usually filling up a room and moving towards a light resource. Termites only swarm at the beginning of springtime whenever the temperature reaches seventy degrees Fahrenheit or even higher. Normally, swarms are noticed following heavy rainfall. 

  • Damaged or Hollow Wood

Termites devour timber from the inside away, therefore you might encounter a section of wood or even a floorboard that has been entirely hollowed out. Occasionally with floorboards, harmful termites will devour the wood until they come to the greatly lacquered area, and then they will stop. This routine will leave the wood paper-thin and yet still visually undamaged. When you feel the section of floorboard;  you will recognize the timber is not solid internally. Or you might knock on a certain part of the wood and discover a hollow noise. 

Usually, homeowners find this broken wood following or throughout a construction undertaking. For instance, some homeowners will not discover termite damage until eventually they rip back a part of the carpet and find partly or entirely ruined hardwood floorboards beneath. Other times, homeowners will come across damaged timber in a crawling area or in the loft. 

  • Mud Tunnels

Termites create mud channels for the exact same reason in which people construct subway tunnels: for transport. Mud tunnels are tunnels that are as thin as pencils made off a mixture of soil and soil. Out of a colony to the ground or in exploration, mud tunnels are able to be put together.  Commonly, mud tunnels are discovered in the cellar or located outside the office, alongside the foundation. 

Numerous homeowners who discover mud tunnels do not acknowledge them for what they are. These delicate tunnels could be quickly destroyed or damaged. But, in secured locations (such as the dark corner of a cellar) mud tunnels can endure for a long time once termites have already been exterminated. 

Termites could be a major pest. The ideal way to counter termites is to get a hold of a trustworthy pest control service and have your home examined on a frequent schedule for a termite infestation. This preventive measure is particularly crucial and when other houses in the neighbourhood have recently been addressed for termite infestations since termite swarms would still stay in the general location while searching for a new location to form a colony.  

Luckily, at Bug Free Pest Control, we offer termite inspections and services that are thorough and guaranteed.   With our expertise and infrared detection technology, there will be nowhere for the termites to hide.  With a quick phone call, you can make an appointment with one of our trained, licensed and insured staff.  We offer consultations and inspections, to meet whatever your pest control needs may be. Call us on 1300 855 548! 

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