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Pest Control SydneyTerm-Seal Physical Barriers

Construction sites are targets for insects, rodents and birds

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Term-Seal Australia is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of new generation termite management systems, catering  for all commercial and residential buildings. With their unique range of products designed specifically for the Australian climate,Term-seal physical barriers are a range of the most recent and the latest innovative products developed for all termite proofing solutions, come with the extra value of Water-Proofing and Damp-Coursing. Term-seal termite systems are new, innovative and highly cost-competitive products developed for termite proofing new and existing buildings, with the bonus of the coatings and sealants also meeting the requirements for water-proofing solutions. 


In addition, Term-seal products are stable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Termite proofing requires an integrated system of products. Term-Seal Australia has developed termite system products that are easy to install and friendly to the environment.

The range of Term-seal termite systems products have been developed to specifically target every type of construction, not depending solely on one type of product to try and cover every construction scenario including the cost saver 2 in 1 back-filled wall water-proof and termite proof coatings. Term-Seal’s  professional company guarantee premium products and extraordinary technical support.



Bug Free Pest Control offers inspections and extermination to help you combat any existing problems before they get a chance to spread. But that’s not all.

We offer several options that can help prevent termites and other vermin from ever reaching the new building:

  1. 1. Physical Barriers

    Pest control Sydney
    These will physically deflect termites and other pests from reaching the building
  2. 2. Chemical Barriers

    Pest control Sydney
    These will defend the site from infestation for a set period of time
  3. 3. Reticulation Systems

    Pest control Sydney
    These will provide an opportunity to regularly restore the chemical barrier so its effectiveness can be long term