Pre-Construction Pest Control Sydney

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Pre-Construction Pest Control for Sydney

Construction sites are targets for insects, rodents and birds

Construction sites are buffets for termites and other pests

The average construction site is filled with opportunities for infestations of all kinds.  Rats always love anyplace that generates a large amount of trash, as do mice and birds.  They usually move in at night, when the workers have all gone home, and chew through anything they think may conceal their next meal.

Termites are the biggest danger, though.  Because of its hot climate and proximity to the sea, Sydney is more susceptible to termites than most places in Australia.  They can live in dry or damp wood, but they can also live in the soil.  For most of their lives, termites are nearly invisible, and are easily confused with ants when they are seen.  As construction proceeds and loads of lumber get dropped at the site, termites can move in quickly, infesting the work site and lowering the value of the new building.

Bug Free Pest Control can prevent infestations before they begin




Bug Free Pest Control offers inspections and extermination to help you combat any existing problems before they get a chance to spread. But that’s not all.

We offer several options that can help prevent termites and other vermin from ever reaching the new building:

  1. 1. Physical Barriers

    These will physically deflect termites and other pests from reaching the building
  2. 2. Chemical Barriers

    These will defend the site from infestation for a set period of time
  3. 3. Reticulation Systems

    These will provide an opportunity to regularly restore the chemical barrier so its effectiveness can be long term
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