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Pest Control SydneySlab Sprays

Construction sites are targets for insects, rodents and birds

Pest control Sydney -construction

Most people do not realise just how vulnerable the concrete slab can be if proper precautions are not implemented to protect it. These slabs are susceptible to moisture and can even let termites from the soil into the property. One of the solutions for slab protections is slab sprays. Slab sprays are essentially chemical barriers that form a shield between the termites in the soil and the slab that sits above it.


Termites are capable of slipping into cracks that are as small and narrow as 1.5mm.

If there’s no barrier between the termites and the property, you’ll have to spend time and energy applying topical termite treatments. However, topical termite treatments are not as efficient and can cost a lot of money over time, which is why it’s more recommended to spend some extra money at the beginning of the construction project to apply slab sprays.

Slab sprays are highly effective and durable.

The chemical will actively act as a deterrent and help keep the termites away from the building material. The termites will stay away from the soil with the chemicals instead of having the attempt to across the invisible barrier.



Bug Free Pest Control offers inspections and extermination to help you combat any existing problems before they get a chance to spread. But that’s not all.

We offer several options that can help prevent termites and other vermin from ever reaching the new building:

  1. 1. Physical Barriers

    Pest control Sydney
    These will physically deflect termites and other pests from reaching the building
  2. 2. Chemical Barriers

    Pest control Sydney
    These will defend the site from infestation for a set period of time
  3. 3. Reticulation Systems

    Pest control Sydney
    These will provide an opportunity to regularly restore the chemical barrier so its effectiveness can be long term