Termite Control Leppington

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Termite Control Leppington


Bug Free specialises in the treatment of your termite problem. A third of all homes in Sydney have been affected by these menacing insects. We understand that termites can create an enormous problem when infesting a premise. Once these insects invade a space it can cause extensive damage. In the Leppington area and the Sydney climate, we recommend that termite inspections are to be addressed in the period between April and July.

Damage Caused by Termites

Termites are the most feared insect in our trade. Purely due to the type of damage it can cause when an infestation arises. Termites will go through any type of timber with ease. They can eat through timber structures that will make living in your home unsafe. In some cases, termites will go through concrete crevasse to reach their desired target of timber inside your home.

This is usually why it is imperative to have a termite inspection prior to purchasing a property. It is also recommended to get an expert termite control company in Leppington immediately when you notice any signs of these damaging insects.

4 Signs of Termites

  1. The first sign of these menacing insects are when there is a presence of these flying termites around your property. If you can see loose wings around your bathroom, ventilations and floors then you most likely have an issue
  2. Sawdust! If you see or notice small piles of sawdust in specific areas around your home, this is the termites burrowing a tunnel.
  3. If you have wood that is exposed around your home or even outside and notice clear holes that have recently come up. This is the work of the termite. Call us immediately
  4. A blistered or dark area in your wooden flooring that can easily be scratched or marked with a kitchen knife is a very common sign that we have a termite problem.

How to spot a termite

There are over 4000 types of termites. So, this may prove difficult.

Compare it to the common Ant

Colour: White/Creamy/Pale Brown
Waist: Broader than an ant
Legs: Extremely Short legs
Wings: 2 Pairs of Equal Sized Wings