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Pest Control SydneyUnique Characteristics of Possums

Possums are common pests that have caused some immense household and health-related problems all throughout the country. They are nighttime creatures that regularly take shelter in house rooftops or ceilings and gardens, and are so natural to breed and multiply. They can live and thrive in various areas and are found nesting inside house walls and closets for the most part. They also eat whatever that they can get simple and easy access to. Despite being such a nuisance, possums have some other unique characteristics. Here are those unique characteristics:

  1. Possums make their presence known and felt once they invade your home. Noises they make are so similar to the clamours made by mice and rats that you may undoubtedly confuse them with rats and mice.
  2. Due to their low body temperature and successful immune system, possums are mostly immune to rabies. In contrast with a wild dog, they are multiple times less likely to convey rabies.
  3. Possums have opposable “thumbs.” Primates and possums are the only mammals with opposable first toes.
  4. The eyes of the possum may seem dark, but what we are seeing are actually a pair of very dilated pupils; there is iris around them, it is just mostly out of sight. Their giant pupils are believed to be the way they adapt has nocturnal habits.
  5. When threatened, opossums run, growl, belch, urinate and defecate. And everything else fails, they “play ‘possum” and go about as though they are dead. It is more of an involuntary reaction, similar to fainting, rather than a conscious act. They move over, become firm, close their eyes (or gaze off at nothing in particular) and bare their teeth as saliva foams around the mouth and a noxious liquid are emitted.

As to keep a possum from taking up shelter in a residential property, homeowners should store trash in sealed receptacles with lids that are animal-proof, ideally in a locked shed or outhouse. At the point when an entire possum family lives in your house, they can make impressively enormous damage to your property. However, possums are a protected species, which means you need to be careful about how to evacuate them. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to remove these pests on your own as that can lead to injuries and other such problems. Therefore, the most ideal approach to manage the situation is by hiring a possum removal expert.

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