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Fleas are typically reddish-brown, very small and wingless bug that are approximately 2.5mm long – so identifying them can be a difficult task. Due to the colour of their bodies they can nearly go unnoticed. Their size also enables them to very lightly move through hair, including your pets fur. Flea is an insect that benefits from the blood of its host—local animals, wildlife and the infrequent human are similarly susceptible to its bite. While flea bites does not typically cause any pain, they can result in an uncomfortable itch or rash and your pets might as well develop allergies to bug spit (flea saliva).

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Typically making their way into the home through the family pet (e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits), difficult flea invasions can seem to appear overnight. Since fleas usually feed and lay their eggs while the pet is sleeping, the pet’s resting zones are the place for most fleas to be found. Numerous pets procure fleas outside in the yard, which can prompt a flea infestation inside the home. Hence, fleas have become a typical issue in homes, particularly for any pet owners. Honestly, no one has the heart to see their pet itching and suffering from the discomfort of fleas. Therefore, you need a professional to Pest control flea infestation.

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At Bug Free, we ensure to remedy your pest problems at hand and to happily provide a guarantee for extra peace of mind. Our highly skilled and experienced pest controllers will have those Fleas Pest exterminated and guarantee your home will be Fleas Pest free.

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