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Pigeons have adapted successfully to urban life, reproducing and causing issues such as swooping, unsanitary bird droppings, clamour, and flapping. Pigeons can inflict significant structural damage while also carrying diseases that can be transmitted. There have been a few instances where structures have collapsed as a result of pigeon droppings, creating dangerous conditions for persons close by.

Pigeons may be a major nuisance for homeowners and businesses. Besides being a nuisance and producing a ruin, pigeons can also constitute a health threat. If you have a pigeon infestation of any magnitude, there is a real risk of contracting a sickness from the droppings. The safe bet is to deal with your pigeon infestation as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of major sickness. 

Pigeons can catch and spread a variety of diseases and parasites, which end up in their droppings. Furthermore, pigeon droppings make any surface look bad and speed up the deterioration of your property. This may cause an increase in the cost of building maintenance and repair. You are strongly advised to let a pigeon control expert to handle a pigeon infestation at your property.

Pigeon Pest Control

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Discover BugFree, your reliable partner for superior pigeon pest control services. With our experienced solutions, you can say goodbye to the inconvenience and health risks posed by annoying pigeons. At BugFree, we recognise the value of keeping the environment clean and safe, and our experienced team is dedicated to offering effective and humane pigeon removal. With years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a track record of success, BugFree is the go-to solution for pigeon-related concerns. 

Our expert technicians use ecologically friendly ways to safeguard the safety of your property while effectively removing the pigeon infestation. We prioritise your satisfaction and peace of mind, providing a comprehensive and dependable service you can rely on. Choose BugFree for exceptional knowledge, excellent service, and a bird-free environment. Your pleasure is our top priority, and we’re here to make your place pest-free, secure, and pleasant. 

Reasons Why Pigeons Can Be Considered Pests

Pigeons can be regarded as pests for a variety of reasons, most notably their prolific reproduction, behaviour, and possible negative impact on human settings. Here are some of the reasons why pigeons are commonly regarded as pests:

Transmit illnesses

Pigeons can transmit lethal illnesses and fungi, as well as fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes, and mites in their feathers.

Damage property

Pigeons’ nests and acidic faeces can cause damage to roof eaves, gutters, and ventilation systems. The droppings can often accumulate on the ground, resulting in slip and fall incidents.

Cause allergies and respiratory problems

Pigeons can induce allergic reactions and breathing problems in people. Their acidic faeces can also corrode metal structures, degrade stone structures, and scorch grass.

Encourage other pests

Pigeons may attract other pests, such as rats, who feed on dead pigeons and the food that is sometimes left for pigeons.

Cause health and safety risks

Slips and falls caused by pigeons pose a health and safety danger.

Professional pest control is vital for managing pigeon infestations because it provides experience, tailored solutions, and a comprehensive approach to pest management. Pest control professionals help communities and the environment by properly resolving problems.

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BugFree is your reliable source for affordable pigeon pest control! BugFree’s committed crew is available to provide you with effective and affordable pigeon pest control services for only $149. Say goodbye to the inconveniences created by these birds as we utilise clever and gentle approaches to clear your space of unwanted avian visitors. 

With BugFree, you can be confident that our trained technicians will deliver a comprehensive solution to protect your home. Don’t let pigeons take over; instead, select BugFree for dependable and cost-effective pest management that is suited to your specific needs.

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Why should I get pigeon pest control?

Pigeon droppings can be a nuisance and a health issue since they can spread diseases and destroy property. Pigeon pest treatment helps to safeguard your property from structural harm while also reducing health risks.

How can I determine if I have a pigeon problem?

Common symptoms include big flocks of pigeons on your property, abundant droppings, nesting materials, and cooing sounds. Pigeons can also roost on ledges, windowsills, and other elevated surfaces.

Are pigeons carriers of disease?

Pigeons can transmit diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Their droppings may contain bacteria and fungi, offering possible health concerns to people.

Can I manage pigeons using DIY methods?

While certain do-it-yourself options exist, professional pigeon pest management is usually more effective. Trained specialists can assess the situation and develop complete methods that follow legal and ethical requirements.

What are some common professional pigeon control methods?

Professional pest control procedures may involve the installation of bird spikes, netts, or wire deterrents. Trapping and relocating pigeons, using repellents, and changing the environment to discourage roosting are all frequent tactics.

Are pigeon-control measures humane?

Yes, professional pest control services prioritise humane methods that meet animal welfare guidelines. These strategies, which emphasise exclusion and behaviour change, seek to deter pigeons while causing no harm.

Is pigeon control safe for the environment?

Professional pest control services prioritise eco-friendly options. The products utilised are often non-toxic and environmentally friendly, resulting in a low influence on adjacent ecosystems.

How long will it take to observe the effects of pigeon control measures?

The time to observe effects varies depending on the degree of the infestation and the treatment strategies used. Some techniques provide quick relief, but others may take many weeks to have obvious results.

Can pigeon control be used on both residential and business properties?

Yes, we offer pigeon control services for both residential and commercial premises. Pest control professionals can customise solutions to match the unique needs and restrictions of each location.

Are there any legal considerations for pigeon control?

Yes, there may be local rules about pigeon control. To ensure compliance and ethical treatment of the birds, check with pest control professionals who are knowledgeable about local legislation.

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