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Bird lice are usually found in the warmer locales of the world, including Australia. Bird lice generally have ovals shapes with a sparse covering of short hair. Bird lice are one of the many pests that should not be taken lightly. They are such a dangerous threat as to your pet bird as fleas are to cats and dogs.

Bird lice are, for the most part, associated with damp or muggy conditions and are most dynamic during spring and late spring. They are naturally discovered where flying creatures or birds (such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows) and their nests are found. They may move into living spaces in houses, hopping on walls, roofs and bedding looking for a blood feast.. They may bite humans and infuse salivation in the skin which can cause rashes, serious itching and irritation. Bird lice do not transmit diseases but can cause infection from scratching. Bird lice prevention and removal on your own can be difficult. It is not sufficient to simply push the birds away, evacuate nesting materials, clean bird cages, or sterilise the area. Eliminating the wellspring of the problem requires help from bird lice control professionals.

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